Pet Vaccinations


Keeping your pet up-to-date on vaccinations is an essential aspect of their overall wellness care.

Vaccinations work by stimulating your pet’s immune system to produce antibodies against specific diseases. These antibodies help protect your pet from contracting the diseases if they are exposed to them.

At our clinic, we offer all standard pet vaccinations in Chesterfield recommended for cats and dogs. These include the 3-year Rabies vaccine, which is required by law in most states, and the 4-year Canine and Feline Distemper vaccines, which protect against a range of serious diseases such as parvovirus, distemper, and feline herpesvirus.

We also offer the 2-year Feline Leukemia vaccine, which is recommended for all cats, especially those that spend time outdoors or come into contact with other cats. Additionally, we carry the Lyme Disease vaccine, which is important for dogs that live in areas where Lyme Disease is prevalent.

In light of recent outbreaks, we are currently recommending and requiring the Canine Influenza vaccine. This vaccine protects against both strains of Canine Influenza and is especially important for dogs that come into contact with other dogs, such as those that visit dog parks, boarding facilities, or participate in dog shows.

It is recommended that all cats and dogs receive annual wellness exams, during which our veterinarians can assess their overall health and recommend any necessary vaccinations. Regular check-ups and vaccinations are crucial for preventing the spread of diseases and keeping your pet healthy and happy. Call to schedule pet vaccinations in Chesterfield today!

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