Parrot Behavior Class


The goal of this class is to teach all members of your family how to train your bird to be well-behaved.

Baby and adult birds must learn flock order through structured guidelines to have a successful relationship with your family, which will last a lifetime. Begin this nurturing guidance right away to ensure that your bird develops manners you can live with.

  • Learn how to teach your bird to be confident, trusting, and well-mannered.
  • Prevent screaming, biting, aggression and feather picking.
  • Learn how to stimulate, motivate, and satisfy your bird.
  • Baby birds, new birds or established family pet birds will benefit from this class.
  • You and your family pet bird will be happier if you take this class on nurturing guidance.

You will be able to properly care for your bird by learning to give a bath, how to introduce toys, how to encourage exercise, how and where to set up a cage, and how to provide proper sleep and diet habits. You will understand your bird’s behavior and you will solve your bird’s behavior problems. Contact us if you’re interested!