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In 1994, we moved to our Chesterfield location. In 2008, we expanded with an additional 13oo square feet and remodeled our existing 2300 square feet.

Our 4600-square-foot facility is a full-service Hospital for birds, cats, dogs, and small mammals.

We are able to provide a large Retail area, a comfortable Reception area, Boarding, Grooming, Radiology, Surgery, Dentistry, In-House Laboratory, In-House Pharmacy, three Exam Rooms, and an outdoor 200-foot exercise area.


1 Facility, 2 Entrances!

Kersting Animal Hospital
A dedicated entrance just for you. Cats and Dogs can come to see us through this door.

Bird Medicine and Surgery
All birds and exotics, large or small, can visit us using this entrance.


Your One Stop Shop

Our retail area offers a large supply of bird toys, caging supplies, and bird foods.

We carry Kaytee Forti-diet seed, and we carry bird pellet food made by Scenic, Prettybird, Roudybusch, Harrisons, Zupreem, and Kaytee Exact.

For our small mammals, we carry Oxbow pellets and hay. Science Diet is Dr. Kersting’s choice for his dog and cat patients. Dry and can food is available for maintenance and Prescription dog and cat Science Diet.

For dogs and cats, we have treats, toys, training supplies, and dental disease-prevention items.


Exotics Boarding In Style

Our Bird Boarding is divided into a large Bird Boarding room and a small Bird Boarding room. We have two spacious rooms for countertop cages and floor cages.

Each room has music, a refrigerator, a microwave, kitchen sinks, and large interior and exterior windows for open floor plans with sunshine.

Exotics Boarding


Your Dogs and Cats will be Waggin’ their Tails to Board with Us!

At our facility, we’ve created a luxurious home-away-from-home for your furry friends. Our cat condo area, which is also our employee kitchen (they get more play time with our employees that way!), features two levels, a lower litter area, and upper sleeping quarters. Suites connect to a play area, and up to four can be rented for one cat. Plus, we have a pet Beta Fish and a television for feline entertainment. Talk about luxury accommodations.

Our dog rooms also offer two options: a standard room with runs and stainless steel cages or a suite with flat panel TV and lambswool cots. All dogs enjoy 4 walks a day in our spacious 200-foot grass yard.

Our Boarding Facilities



Our radiology department is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including mammography film and cassettes for high-detail images of small animals and rare earth high-detail film for cats and dogs.

We take pride in the routine inspections and monitoring of our equipment by the State of Missouri. Our Treatment Room is a versatile space, serving as a recovery and operating room, dental suite, and hospital room for sick or injured pets.

The Bird Hospital room features its own air system to prevent disease spread and offers stainless steel cages, aquariums, and oxygen regulators for birds of all sizes. Additionally, we have an Animal Intensive Care Unit and nebulizer systems for specialized care.


The Surgical Suite

In our surgical room, we prioritize safety and comfort for our patients. Our surgical room is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including warm water heating pads, monitors, radiosurgery tools, and hemoclips.

We also use an intraosseous catheter to replace blood loss in birds and small animals with various fluids, and emergency drugs are always on hand for any unexpected changes in vital signs.


Our Advanced Tools

Our operating suite is equipped with several advanced tools to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

One of the most important tools is our Human Surgical Operating Binocular Loopes, which are worn like glasses but magnify 4 times and include an intense Halogen light for incredible visual acuity.

This powerful magnification allows us to perform delicate procedures such as spaying a finch with precision and accuracy.

Additionally, our operating suite includes Rigid Endoscopy with three miniature Fiber-optic Scopes. This cutting-edge technology allows us to make a tiny incision and insert a telescope inside the patient to visualize the internal organs or other areas.

This enables us to introduce instruments internally and perform minimally invasive procedures such as biopsies, foreign object removals, or spays in birds. This procedure is more expensive but leads to a faster surgical recovery for our patients.


Dedicated Lab

At our on-site Laboratory, we conduct various diagnostic tests such as Gram Stains, Giardia tests, fecal parasite centrifugation, Complete Blood Counts (CBC), Blood Chemistries, Heartworm tests, Dermatophyte Fungal cultures, skin scrapings, and urinalysis.

When bird blood work results are not required immediately, we send samples to California Avian Laboratory via overnight FedEx. This lab specializes in small animal and bird samples and provides us with a comprehensive range of information.

We also partner with Zoo/Exotic Pathology Service, one of the country’s leading avian pathologists, for cytology and pathology services. For DNA blood testing of avian diseases, we collaborate with the Veterinary Molecular Diagnostics laboratory.

In addition, we use the services of Antech Laboratories, where we send dog and cat samples, picked up by a courier, for same-day or next-day results for most samples.


A Pharmacy At Your Fingertips

At our pharmacy, we have the capability to prepare compounded medications for our patients. For birds, we combine Ora-plus and Ora-sweet to create a sweet-tasting solution.

To make flavorful medications for our dog and cat patients, we rely on the services of a local compounding pharmacy called Specialty Pharmacy of St. Louis.